Managed WordPress for small but hungry businesses

Your website is the only employee that should never need a break. We'll make sure it works for you.

  • Fast and secure hosting in the cloud
  • Diligent care and maintenance
  • Bots, automation, and other advanced solutions

Join Now And Become An Early Adopter

We think the relationship between the host and the customer needs to improve so we’re building a different kind of managed WordPress hosting service. We’re doing things a little bit differently.

As we prepare for launch, we’re looking for early adopters willing to work with us to build a better hosting platform: simpler pricing, no arbitrary limits, a richer partnership, and collaborative growth.

Early adopters enjoy a whole bunch of exclusive benefits:

  • 30% discount for life on all eligible products and services
  • Higher referral and affiliate rates as soon as we open our partner programs
  • Lifetime priority support
  • A private Facebook group exclusively for our community of valued early adopters
  • Recognition (if you want it) in the Boundless Zone community
  • Early access to future products and services with relevant early adopter programs

Get in on the ground floor, earn our boundless appreciation, get a massive lifetime early adopter discount, and help shape the Boundless Zone.

But don’t wait too long. When this discount disappears, it’ll be gone forever.


The Boundless Hosting Platform

Hosting is much more than just infrastructure. It’s a platform for growth.

You need fast, secure, and affordable cloud hosting that gives your business access to the tools and data you need to meet your full potential.

  • Quality care and maintenance in every plan
  • Continuous uptime monitoring
  • Multilayer security including malware prevention and removal
  • SEO tools and regular detailed reports
  • And maybe a few, or a few dozen, other little things…

We use advanced, cutting-edge tools and technologies to safeguard your website, keep it running smoothly, and track and improve its rankings.


We specialize in WordPress, the best platform on the web for building high-quality business websites.


We host your website on a dedicated cloud VPS machine or on scalable cloud infrastructure. Never share or compete for resources.


We keep your website safe and secure by providing multiple layers of protection against malware, hacks, and other threats.


We use fast machines, fast tools, and fast caching and optimization plugins to keep your website running fast.


We provide advanced SEO tools, plugins, and reports to track and improve your rankings.


We monitor your website's uptime, performance, SEO, and security so you can rest easy and keep tabs on your business.

Free Migration

We'll move your basic WordPress website for free. We'll also set up our suite of caching, security, and SEO tools and plugins.


We back up your website (at least) daily to multiple locations.


We care and we listen. We offer multiple support channels and do everything we can to help.

Simple Pricing With Room To Grow

We offer simple hosting and care plans that cover all the basics with no arbitrary limitations.

No plan can cover every contingency, so we give you a solid foundation and flexible growth options to support your particular needs and requirements.

Boundless Core

Amazing cloud VPS hosting with all the trimmings

We think you’ll fall in love: one plan, simple pricing, easy setup, amazing features, and no arbitrary limitations. Find out more about our pricing.

Boundless Globe

Diligent care and maintenance built on the same incredible platform we use for hosting

We’ll keep your WordPress website shipshape by using the same incredible care envelope our hosted websites enjoy. If you’re happy with your current host but need help managing your website, our care plans are perfect for you.

Advanced solutions to drive more business to and through your website

Funnel your online business through your website with our unique services. Turn your static website into an interactive powerhouse that engages your visitors and converts them into paying customers.

Boundless Business Solutions

Your website is the focal point of your online presence. From marketing site to membership portal to online store, everything goes through your website.

Social media brings traffic, accounting guides your decisions, but your website is your heart and soul. It tells people who you are, helps them reach you, and offers them your products and services.

These are just a few of our favorite things…

Chats and Bots

Add conversational chats and AI-backed bots to your website to reach, engage, monetize, and support your visitors and customers everywhere.

Membership Portals

We'll help you set up a membership portal that promotes your brand, showcases your expertise, and sells your courses or consulting services.

Business Automation

Connect the dots. Use Zapier, Integromat, and other synchronization and automation tools to get your systems to talk to each other.

An exciting road ahead!

We’re ramping up our services and are constantly working on making things better, from our client dashboard to service offerings to backend tooling and beyond.

We’re listening to everything you have to say and prioritize our roadmap based on customer demand.

The Boundless Roadmap

Our vision is to put at your disposal all of our tools, processes, and know-how. We know we have a lot of work to do, and we plan on getting it done!

Managed hosting goes beyond the hardware because your business does. Our roadmap includes tools that help you better manage your account and your websites, better infrastructure, more and better automations, better support, and more.


We put all the information you need at your fingertips, including an overview of your websites, support tickets, analytics reports, and account management tools.


We're always working on our infrastructure to make sure your websites perform at their best, whether you're running a high-traffic website or kickstarting a new idea.

Business Automation

Run your business smoothly and reduce costs by connecting the systems and tools you use to operate it, using automation frameworks such as Zapier, Integromat, and others.

Support System

We're working hard on building support infrastructure that makes sure that you get help when you need it, whether via our in-person support channels or self-service options.


We're always working on giving you insightful and actionable reports on your website's speed, uptime, SEO performance, and other metrics.

More to Come

Are we missing something? Please do let us know! We're listening.