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Buzzer AI

Better lead management meets AI. Learn how sales teams are winning more leads with Buzzer's trusty AI co-pilot. Visit

The Phoenix Fire Convention

An exciting and artistic gathering of fire artists from across Germany, Europe and the world. Visit

Moonwinkle by Morgana de Partee

Beautiful hand crafted festival wear. An e-commerce webstore for a local fashion designer to showcase her elegant creations and expand into new markets. Visit

Original Little Surfboards

Customize your own hand made miniature fine art surf board. This e-commerce website showcases original fine art on hand made surfboards and has a robust product customizer tool for customers to create their own. Visit

Yakir Rettig Private Chef

Healthy and colorful catering for special events. A business profile website offering event producers an organized quote request form to get the ball rolling with clarity. Visit

Sharon Kfir Advocate and Mediator

Mediation, legal advice and guidance in the field of special education. A business profile website offering a new path forward for families of special needs children. Visit

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