Care and maintenance for WordPress websites

Keep your website healthy and running smoothly

The only constant on the internet is that everything changes

WordPress is evolving, as are your plugins and themes, your website’s infrastructure, and even the tools your website integrates with.

Change is good, but it’s also risky.

An unexpected update can easily bring your website crashing down and hurt your business.

Our care plan reduces your risk.

The holistic care plan for modern WordPress websites

We monitor, update, back up, and safeguard your website.
You get peace of mind.

Software Updates

We update the software that runs your website on a regular basis, including the WordPress core, your plugins and themes, and the server that hosts your website (if you give us access to it).

High-Grade Security

Our Care plan includes our Perimeter plan, a multi-layer security service: login protection, firewalls, a premium security plugin, antimalware and antivirus protection, weekly security checkups, and more.

Daily Backups

We store at least 30 days of backups in offsite cloud storage in multiple locations.

Comprehensive Support

We’ll fix things when they break. We are real human beings and we care about what we do.

Continuous Monitoring

We catch it if it falls. We monitor your website continuously to make sure your website works for you all the time.

Discounted Premium Tools

We’ve collected the best tools across the industry to make your business website effective and beautiful. By joining our Care plan, you’ll be eligible for amazing tools and services at heavily-discounted prices. All you have to do is ask 🙂

Happy with your current host, but just need some help?

Our Care plan is perfect for you. This is the same level of care included in our Hosting service.

Because we don’t have full control over your host, some limitations may apply. Once you sign up, we’ll start setting things up. If we discover that our tools conflict with your particular hosting environment or your website, we’ll let you know your options so you can reach an informed decision.

In any case, we offer a 30-day No Questions Asked money back guarantee.

Get Our Care Plan

Keep your website up and running and your data safe.

Your website is vital to the success of your business. If it fails, it will hurt your business. You have a responsibility to ensure that doesn’t happen.